• Length total: 7 km
  • Required time: 2-3 hours
  • Marking: Red crosses starts at Badsjön.

Surrounded by comfortable flat rocks this lake is the perfect place to rest body and mind. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful plants and the crispy air. Reindeers are common and in clear weather you have a good view of Lapporten. A quick swim might even be an option?

Start at the hotel and aim for the steep gravel road towards the golf course. Follow this approximately 1,5 km and you reach the lake Badsjön. Follow the trail on the right hand side of the lake and after approximately 2 km you'll reach Kratersjön. In hefty wind you'll find a shelter and in bad sighting just let the trail guide you. If you take north (right) down from the lake you reach the navvy cemetery after 1,5 km. Just be sure to watch out for the trains when crossing the railroad.


  • Length total: 9,5 km one way
  • Required time: 3-5 hours
  • Altitude gain: 750 meters
  • Marking: Cairns marked in red shows the way towards Låktatjåkko

There are two trails Färdledarvägen and Sommarleden. Both trails lead to Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge and are marked with red stone cairns. Färdledarvägen is a bit longer but reward you with beautiful views.

Färdledarvägen A1
The northern trail is called Färdledarvägen. On the map Abisko-Björkliden-Riksgränsen it is marked with small black lines. On the map Fjällkartan BD6 it is marked with red dots.
From Hotell Fjället you take the gravel road towards the golf course, after approximately 500 m there is an information sign where the trail starts. Take to the left, and follow the signs towards Låktatjåkko. After one kilometer the trail splits in two. Hold to the right (north west) up towards the ridge, follow the red stone cairns which take you all the way up to Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge. The first kilometer is pretty steep but it will flatten out when you reach the plateau Rákkasláhko. In the end of Rákkasláhko you will cross a smaller creek flowing from the north (right). The two trails come together but you will continue to follow the right one (straight ahead) and walk up on the snow field. Notice that the trail is a bit tricky to see here. After the ascent you will follow a ridge where you will have an amazing view over small lakes and both the Swedish and Norwegian mountains in the horizon. After about two kilometers the two trails come together again and you follow them to the Mountain Lodge.

Sommarleden A2
The southern trail is called Sommarleden. Marked with red dots on both the Abisko-Björkliden-Riksgränsen map and Fjällkartan BD6.
Same start as Färdledarvägen. When the trail divides the first time you take the left trail that follow the river "Rakkasjokka". You walk along the trail that is marked with red stone cairns until you come up on the plateau Rákkasláhko, where you will cross a smaller river flowing from the north (right). The two trails come together but you will continue to follow the left one. Cross the snow field to south west and continue to walk on the trail, which is well marked. Two kilometers before you will reach the Mountain Lodge the two trails come together.


  • Length total: 8 km (3)
  • Required time: 2-3 hours
  • Marking: White and blue markings on the trees and signs.

Hike the old material road of the railroad through a rich alpine birch forest and imagine that you're a part of the last century's hardships in making the railroad. Along the way you'll find waterfalls, serenity and beauty. The cemetery has a rich history and holds the legendary tomb of Svarta Björn.

Start at the hotel. Take the road down to the railway station in Björkliden. Cross the railroad at the railroad crossing and take a left. You'll find a sign of information about the navvy road at the forest edge. From that point to the cemetery it's 3,5 km. The cemetery is at your left above the trail. If you like to visit the church of Tornehamn you follow the navvy road straight ahead after the cemetery. Look for the signs pointing you towards Tornehamn. The cemetery - Tornehamn is 1,5 km to hike. The same trail takes you back to the hotel.


  • Length total: 3 km
  • Required time: 1,5 hours
  • Marking: Parts of the trail along the river is marked with yellow plates in metal.

Follow the Rakkasjokken down towards Torneträsk to one of the Björkliden classics; The Silver Fall. Watch the river rush down in the narrow canyon that discharges into the Torneträsk. You'll find a beach made of beautiful stones smoothen by years and years of wild flowing water.

Start at the hotel, walk towards the skiing slope and follow the trail that crosses the slope. The trail will take you through the forest to a big tepee, lavvun. Here the trail takes off towards the river, don't cross it! Instead follow the trail down towards Torneträsk. After a while you'll reach the cabins of the ski lift and the helicopter platform. Here you leave the trail and follow the road approximately 150 meters. At the road entrance to the building Gammelgården, look the opposite direction where the navvy road is located. Here you'll find a trail along the river that will take you down towards The Silver Fall. Follow this under the main road and down to the water. There's a bridge further down if you want to cross. Please take notice, the rocks may be slippery!


  • Length total: 1,5 km
  • Required time: 45 minutes
  • Marking: Red and yellow stone cairns and signs.

Hike up to our midnight sun view point and sign in our guest book. Up here you can enjoy the view and sun at midnight. It is of course a nice hike to do during the day all year around. At midnight the sun is situated above Pålnoviken of the lake Torneträsk and the canyon of Sördalen with its up to 70 m high walls.

Start at the hotel and walk up the gravel road towards the golf course. When you have passed first tee and a garage you have a track to your left. Pass this straight ahead to a sign with information about Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge. Follow the track to the left marked with red cairns. After about 500 m the cairns are both red and yellow. Follow the track that turns right with yellow cairns. You will soon see the view point with a cairn and a sign on. After you have crossed some wet areas you have reached the view point.

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