Norway: Lofoten Islands, Tromso, Honningsvåg, Nordkapp - 

Finland: Inari and Rovaniemi

Day one - Arrival Day

The best place to start this tour is from Evenes, Norway (city in north Norway with good flight connections from around the world). On the arrival day we will pick you up from the airport and then drive about 170km (3 hours) to city called Svolvaer, where we will stay the first two nights. 

Day two - Lofoten Islands

After the breakfast we will start driving to the Lofoten Islands. On the way to the end of the Lofoten Islands, city called Å, we will explore a lot of different villages with different kind of beautiful beaches, mountains and bridges which has made the Lofoten Islands so famous with all their unique shapes in everywhere. In Lofoten Islands the cities are as lovely as the whole road through the Lofoten Islands since the atmosphere is breath-taking all the way so you can just enjoy your time with the lovely views. After we have explored the Lofoten Islands (8-10 hours) we sleep another night in the Svolvaer and then continue to Tromso on the next day

Day three - Tromso

After the breakfast we will start driving to Tromso where we will stay the next night. On our way to Tromso we will stop to see the famous Målselv waterfalls in Barbufoss. The drive is about 7 hours and after we have arrived to Tromso, you will have free time the rest of the evening to explore the city.

Day Four - Honningsvåg

After the breakfast we will start our journey to Honningsvåg where we will stay the next two nights. From Tromso to Honningsvåg we will go by two different ferries where you get the chance to see the beauty of Norway from the see when we go by the ferry between the mountains to Honningsvåg. Just notice that if there are strong winds, the ferry might be cancelled, and we will go by car. The time will still be the same 8 hours. In Honningsvåg we will go to our accommodation and relax the rest of the day. 

Day Five - Honningsvåg

On the second day in Honningsvåg we will go to see a Bird safari to the biggest bird nesting areas in Norway. To the safari we will go by a ferry and you will be able to see thousands of puffins, cormorants, gannets, eiders, guillemots, razorbills and a lot of sea eagles. During the trip we will be also able to see many seals that stay on the reefs and if we are lucky, we can also see a whale during the safari.

In the evening, we will make trip to Nordkapp where you will be able to see best the Midnight Sun (4 hours trip from 9pm to 1am). Nordkapp is the northernmost point accessible by a vehicle in the world. In Nordkapp you will be standing in 300 meters cliff edge and see the midnight sun which means that the sun is trying to go down, but it will still stay above the trees and mountains the whole midnight and then it starts to rise again. Additionally, in Nordkapp you will see a film which takes you on a journey through the four seasons of Nordkapp and tells you more about the midnight. After the midnight we will go back to Honningsvåg to sleep. 

Day Six and Seven - Inari, Finland

After the breakfast we will start driving (6 hours) to our Kankiniemi resort in Inari for the next two nights. This unique resort is located by a Finland's largest lake called Inarijärvi. In this resort you will get a chance to try life without electricity in our 100 years old lovely villa and enjoy of doing everything by yourselves while enjoying a time with your family and friends in the Finnish nature. Our guides are there to make everything for you but you can also decide to help with every activity what the villa and accommodating needs, example warm up the house, carry drinkable water from the forest, try to catch the fishes for dinner, make a bonfire to be able to make the food on it, carry water to sauna from the lake and heat up the sauna with the woods from the forest. While enjoying all the things that you can do together with your family and friends, we will also enjoy the time by playing yard games, eating good food and enjoy from the sauna with swims in the lake. 

Day Eight - Departure Day 

or extended holiday to Rovaniemi, Finland

After the breakfast we can drive you to the Airport of Ivalo where your journey can end and you can continue your way back home. In case you find flights more easily from Rovaniemi, we can continue our way to Rovaniemi. On our way to Rovaniemi we will make some pit stops to see example an old brown bear's nest and go to a gold mining where you can also try mining a gold by yourself. If needed to get flights on the next day, you can stay the night in our Villa Snowest for 450€/night/group . 

If you prefer to extend you trip and explore more in Rovaniemi, you can stay extra nights in Rovaniemi in our private Villa Snowest and try example fishing, berry picking, out door sauna, swimming under the midnight sun and go to see the real Santa Claus in the Santa Claus Village 450€/night/group. Additionally, if you want to stay more than one night in Rovaniemi and you feel that you would like to go and try a "real" fishing and try to catch salmons, we can arrange a fishing trip (about 1 hour away from Rovaniemi) where you can try to catch salmons with our pro fishing teachers (not included in the price).


The price for this package is 2 390€ per person (minimum 4 people), including transportations, breakfasts, lunches, mentioned activities (except the bird safari) and accommodation for two nights in Svolvaer, one night in Tromso, two nights in Honningsvåg, two nights in Inari and optional transportation to Rovaniemi (+ extra Rovaniemi nights 450€/night/group and optional chosen extra activities)

All the packages can be tailored to your own wishes so do not hesitate to ask if you would like to add or change something. The tour can be also implemented starting from Finland.

If you have any question to ask, feel free to contact us at any time.


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