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In Finland we have spotted a perfect place from Rovaniemi to explore the Lappish nature . Our headquarter is in Rovaniemi, in the home city of Santa Claus. At Rovaniemi we have our own private area with own lake and a plenty of space to enjoy the relaxing environment of Lapland. At the place we have our own luxury villa to accommodate our guests and a lot of guided activities which you can join in, for example northern light tours, husky safaris, arctic sauna and ice swimming. You can choose the accommodation and activities separately or you can take a full package where you can explore it all!


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Cabin for twelve to sixteen persons

Want to enjoy your holiday in a villa with own yard, lake, sauna and silence? 

Villa with 12-16 beds. Circa 420 square meters on two floors. Yard with own lake, sauna and well-equipped kitchen and many activities offered at the same yard for privately.


Is it time to relax in the nature or is it time for an adventure?


Come to enjoy the beautiful nights with the magic in the sky in Rovaniemi, Finland.

All the Northern Light activities are implemented in our private lake where the Northern Lights can be seen at their finest. All the tours are included guide, transportation and a lakeside hut with a warm campfire. 

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Write the headline of the activity to the message and tell us how many persons would like to come and when. The payment will be charged at the beginning of the activity.

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