The mountains are in constant change depending on the season and the weather. Summer and autumn are times when hiking in various forms invite great outdoor recreational experiences.


For the best midnight sun experience we take the chairlift up on the mighty mountain Nuolja, where we start our hike. Slowly we walk up to the viewpoint were we can enjoy the magnificent views under the midnight sun.

Date: June 24 - July 24, Thursdays & Saturdays

Time: 9.30 pm - 1 am

Participants: maximum 8 persons

Included: transfer, guide and lift ticket

Price: 595 SEK per person


This valley, shaped by the last ice age more than 10 000 years ago, is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places Swedish Lapland can offer.

In the end of the valley we arrive to Rissajaure, one of the clearest lakes in Europe. It lies brooding below the steep rock faces. We hike through the labyrinth of large stones that the glaciers left in the valley.

When we reach the highlight for our hike, the lake Rissajaure, we'll make a longer stop. Here we will enjoy our lunch packages while we take a closer look at the clearest lake in Sweden.

Date: july 3 - september 17, monday & friday

Participants: maximum 8 persons

Price: 595 SEK per person

Info: The tour is 12 km. Recommended age 10 years. Bring your own lunch package.

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