Weather in Lapland can vary a lot every day. In the seasons, there can be perfect weather for outside activities and chances to see the beautiful views. There can also be so bad weather conditions that it is better to stay inside. Our mother nature does not always let us know what the weather will be, so it is better to be prepared for whatever the nature offers.

In winter, there will be snow from November to May and the opportunities to see Northern Lights are usually from October to March. In summer, the Midnight Sun is from end of May to July 14th.

A bad weather conditions can prevent from seeing the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights.


The booking can be done via email or by using the contact form in 'Contact Us' webpage. The reservation is valid only after it has been confirmed to you.


    The prepayment is not possible option, since we in Snowest, do not take money in advance. The only way to pay the trip is to pay by cash or via credit/debit card when arrived. Supported credit/debit cards are; UnionPay, JCB, Mastercard, Visa / Visa electon / V PAY / American Express, Diners.

It is recommended to carry a small amount of cash with you, since there can be some markets and little shops which may not support all the credit/debit card options.


Sweden's currency: SEK

Norway's currency: NOK

Finland's currency: EUR


The international area codes:

Finland: +358

Sweden: +46

Norway: +47


The emergency call phone number in Finland, Sweden and Norway is "112".

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